Visões Indecisionistas – declensions of reality

04/03/2020 – 10/03/2020

In Bloom

rua Lucinda Simoes 5A, 1900-304 Lisboa


Indecisionism does not consider material reality neither as a limit, nor a counterpart.
Conversely, Indecisionism embraces it, comforts it and questions it, as a best friend would do.
Indecisionism dissects reality’s foundations and rebuilds them through new visions.
The indecisionist eye is invasive, by always doubting of its own rules. It declines concrete and abstract reality into new forms.

The exhibition “Visões Indecisionistas – declensions of reality” claims its rights on space, time and living beings. it offers a journey through impressions and expressions of possibilities.

“Visões Indecisionistas – declensions of reality” wants to show continuity with the exhibition Visões Indecisionistas in Espaço Serao in December 2019 and at the same time offer new inputs to the visitor.

Andrea D’Angelo – Somewhere over the Tejo
Licia Comune – As cidades e a memória
Sabrina Bartolozzi – Animali insistenti
Paula Lovely – + Gl0ry +
Fabio Fusillo – Corpi in sospensione / Estranei
Chiara Bruni – Egosistema
Davide Mongelli – In quantum taurus
Raquel Viegas – Memórias de Origem


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