Paula Lovely – + Gl0ry + / B1oom

Inauguração Visões Indecisionistas – declensions of reality


In Bloom
rua Lucinda Simoes 5A, 1900-304 Lisbona

+ Gl0ry + is the episode 0 of a porn and proudly POZ revolution.
At the highest peak of its messianic vocation, the Drag and HIV+ body is three and one: that’s where human being, activist and artist meet.

That is a space of chances, that embodies diverse presences, as docile and comprehensive as the shadows of a public garden at night.
Blessed are the guests at the Lady’s supper.
B1oom is the episode 1 of a post-porn and proudly P0Z revolution.
After the episode 0 – the +Gl0ry+ of death and the miracle of Resurrection – a POZ Drag body acknowledges the wound as the perfect space for a new blossom.
B1oom happens where skin changes.
B1oom is the dawn of the tenth year: when a jellyfish decides to become a colourful, permanent, resilient spring.
B1oom is an act of rebellion.
B1oom is when the maths of blood stream and bodily fluids grow into petals and leaves.
B1oom is life and beauty outlasting shame, pain and loss.
B1oom can only happen once.
B1oom is a point of no return.
B1oom rhymes with Boom!

“La primavera, a volte, ti prende alla sprovvista. Spesso da dietro”





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